Woodcraft through ages

If you trace back the origins of the woodcraft, you will come to the conclusion that its history had actually begun shortly after first humans appeared on the face of the planet.

A history remark

Interestingly enough, the first furniture prototype came in the form of twigs attached one to another and into a big brunch comfortable enough to sit or lay on. Later on, stone pieces began to appear. Evolution of the civilization proved our ancestors that wooden furniture and accessories have a wide range of significant advantages before other available variants: timber is much easier to handle, it is lightweight, and it is more elegant and esthetic as well. On top of that, most hardwood species have a beneficial effect on living organisms: natural energy and specific invigorating aroma serve as an original stimulant so highly appreciated by men since the beginning. It is generally assumed, that the origins of the modern furniture craftsmanship are hidden in Europe’s history, but, in fact, it is ancient Egypt where we should look in the first place.

From Egyptian pharaohs to Russian emperors

In the burial-vault, where one of the older pharaohs had found his last rest, archeologists have discovered a picture with a group of craftsmen carving ornaments on figured table legs. It is true that first furniture originated from the homeland of Egyptian pharaohs. Even first prototypes of transforming furniture were invented by Egyptian masters. Ancient fresco and papyruses portray famous Tutankhamen sitting solemnly on a portable folding throne. In the Eastern Slavic Europe first mentions about furniture dated from the XVIII century during the reign of Peter the Great. Since that time a history of great innovations in this field was proclaimed. Russian emperor Alexander I had a portable folding bed while later on Alexander III went even further – he ordered royal craftsmen to create a personal cabinet from prefabricated elements. It consisted of one large field trunk with tip-up covers used for transforming it into an elegant field wash-room table with a mirror. The chest had enough space for two folding chairs and another small compact table with the bureau. Ingenious engineering approach even allowed turning the trunk into a rather comfortable camping bed.

Furniture from hardwood species

Solid, good-looking and stylish furniture requires specific wood species with high durability, robust structure, and other crucial properties. Oak is definitely one of the most popular choices out there as it can boast of outstanding longevity and strength. In addition to that, its ability to darken over time really attracts lots of woodworking enthusiasts and folks with refined tastes. By rights, oak can be considered the choice of a man strong in spirit you can look here. Its energy helps with concentration, boosts human activity, and strengthens your natural immunity. Oak-made furniture looks strong and firm while also normalizing a night’s repose.

Beech really stands out of the line with its unique pattern and the large variety of tints. Furthermore, this timber is harder than it looks; it is resistant to splitting while being rather elastic and flexible. Using beech in your interior helps to calm your psyche.

If you compare cherry-tree timber with the oak, you will certainly feel the difference in pliability, meaning it is much easier in processing and carving. Its delicate warm tint darkens a bit over time, but still preserves the equal internal structure. It is said that cherry-tree lumber brings luck. Unlike cherry-tree timber walnut wood is much more durable and easily withstands general deformations and splits. Despite its supreme hardiness, it is still amenable to processing. Walnut timber has unique twisting lines with rotating tints that evenly spread around annual rings. Recent studies prove that walnut has a positive and incentive effect on the human brain.

In this article, we have covered only some of the most popular tree species. In fact, there are dozens of options to choose from, and most of them you can find on our website. We made sure that every connoisseur will find most suitable material for his or hers specific preferences.