Decorative accessories made from natural wood make your residence look truly individual and complete. Original planters, carved clocks and panels, decorative figures, backgammon boards, marine steering wheels… All of these forms modern and stylish interior – you cannot possibly imagine a house or apartment without any of these. It would be practically unthinkable to live in such a dull and unoriginal place.
In our workshop, you will find many different elements of décor for exterior and interior which will transform your normal environment with new colors of excitement. If you want to fill the void on the walls and create artistic atmosphere, we can present you with amazing wooden panels, frames, and carved onlays. If you are more into mystical and astrological stuff, then we can offer you our limited Signs of the Zodiac series. If you want to calm your thoughts with soft rhythmical ticking – custom-made carved clocks is the way to go. Or if you think that shelves in your room could use a little be more décor – decorate them with exclusive backgammon boards, carved jewelry boxes, or detailed wooden figures made by our artisans. These are only a few examples that contribute to overall atmosphere making your house unique and exquisite.
On our website, you will find high-quality wooden accessories for every taste made by traditional masters with decades of experience in carving and designing. All of them are safe, stylish, elegant, and exquisite. We’re always working on expanding our range of goods with new exclusive builds that will definitely win hearts of our clients. We do believe so.
Making an individual accessory order in Kunjulyan workshop is a perfect solution for busy people who don’t have much time to spend in shopping malls but still want to buy something original to decorate their homes with. Just in few clicks you can either buy one of the presented on this website original builds or place an individual order for our artisans to build something exclusive specifically for you. This way you’re saving not just your money but your precious time as well!
Moreover, our workshop is practically a limitless source for those who are in search of unique presents. Who would not want to get a lovely natural wood accessory from a close friend or relative as a gift? Ship’s steering wheels, backgammon sets, unique carved boxes for jewelry – you name it! We’re glad to see on our pages full of amazing builds and unique elements of décor!