Carved cross made from natural wood are getting more popular among Christians in comparison with other more lavishly decorated builds from noble metals. As everyone remembers, Jesus Christ was a son of a woodworker, a simple man with a simple life but higher purpose. These historical facts actually make carved crosses more suitable as the symbol of faith to go for. In addition to that, this proves that wood is actually a God chosen material. Christians remember what kind of cross Jesus was bearing on his Golgotha way. It was also a simple wooden build of great weight. For Jesus Christ, believers miniature carved crosses serve as a reminder to remember about God, about faith, about the necessity of daily prayers and repentance.
Today no one suffers such tortures no matter in what they believe. Although no one is obliged to get a cross from natural material to place at home without any doubts this kind of main material would be the best choice as it represents simplicity and perfection. Nevertheless, holy crosses can be really beautiful and elegant when done by professional carvers. Each time a believer looks at this holy image he or she recalls in mind for what and for whom their Savior has died. This image has multiple purposes – it is a great symbol of faith and an effective ward against all evils. Churchmen say that this cross can protect its own not only from sins but also from spirits and temptations.
Remember to place your carved cross somewhere you can always see during the day – it is important to have it in sight to your mind occupied and protected from temptations and sinful thoughts. Don’t treat this piece as a simple accessory even though it might look as one. In our workshop, you can always order a carved cross of individual design and style or just buy one from our wide collection of builds.


Carved crucifix №1

Decorative wall 3D-model of crucifix, saturated with natural oil and wax. Material: wood of choice.


Carved crucifix №2

Wooden walll carved 3D-model of crucifix, decorated with three-dimentional patterns. Dimensions: individual.


Carved crucifix №3

3D-model of wooden crucifix with rectangular edges, decorative carveg wall type. Inscriptions: optional.


Carved crucifix №4

Carved decorative 3D-model of wooden wall crucifix, made from natural wood. Material: wood of choice.


Carved crucifix №5

Wooden 3D-model of wall cross with crucifix from wood, decorated with openwork slits. Inscriptions: optional.


Carved crucifix №6

Decorative wall carved 3D-model of wooden crucifix with arrow-like tips. Finish: varnish, wax, oil, patina, stain.


Carved crucifix №7

3D-model of cross from wood adorned with decorative three-dimensional patterns in wide frame.


Carved crucifix №8

Original 3D-model of wooden carved wall crucifix made from wood, decorated with three-dimensional patterns.


Carved crucifix №9

Decorative wooden 3D-model of wall type carved crucifix, decorated with volumetric patterns.