You cannot possibly find a modern house interior without a clock. This is one of those accessories that have become an integral part of our everyday life. Centuries have passed since its invention but the basic concept stays the same. Well, there is a slight remark to be made: in the modern world, a clock is not just a simple time-showing mechanism but a decorative element as well. Properly chosen the design of a clock adds a bonus point to the style of your residence implying that its owner has refined tastes.
Plastic hi-tech clocks are extremely unoriginal and have hard times fitting in any interior which is not filled with other gadgets alike. Full-metal clocks are rare to be seen since they have a large list of requirements to be placed indoors sometimes including even individual pedestals which make these type of clock utterly unpractical. This leaves us with one infallible option – carved wooden clock. Most likely, you will see such pieces cottages, countryside houses, and sometimes in fashionable restaurants where exclusive original accessories perfectly fit into the interior blending with other elements of the ensemble, most likely, also made from natural wood.
We take proud in what we do; we instill our heart and soul in every piece – that is why our production is truly magnificent. Any model that can be found in our portfolio or gallery proves this statement. Majestic appearance and practicality of the wooden clock are worth every penny spent as long as you know that this masterpiece was created just for you. If you’re ready to enliven your interior with original wooden accessory – let us know via the individual order form below!


Ship wheel clock #1

Wooden decorative ship steering wheel with clock in the center. Wood: ash wood. Finish: stain, patina, varnish.


Carved Wall Clock

Exquisite wooden hanging wall clock, with additional decorative carved patterns. Material: ash wood.


Clock— «Italian»

Carved wall clock, stylized in Italian traditions, decorated with deeply carved patterns. Material: ash wood.


Wooden Carved clock

Beautiful exclusive wall clock, made from natural wood, decorated with carved patterns. Material: oak.


Designer Wall Clock

Handmade designer woodem hanging wall clock, made from natural wood. Material: ash wood.


Clock — «London»

Decorative wall clock, stylized in English traditions, depicting original teapot. Material: ash wood.


Clock — «ST Marco»

Exclusive Wooden wall clock, with additional volumetric decorative carved patterns. Material: ash wood.

Clock — «Paris»

Clock — «Paris»

Decorative Wooden wall clock with French theme. Finish: stain, patina, varnish. Material: ash wood.


Clock— «Paris Arc De Triomphe»

Wooden round wall clock made from natural wood, stylized in French traditions. Material: ash wood.


Wooden Wall clock

Decorative wooded clock, framed with carved patterns. Material: ash wood. Finish: stain, patina, varnish.


Clock №1

Decorative wooden frame for clock with images of people and animals. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №2

3D-model of clock frame with image of globe in the center from natural wood. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №3

Decorative rounded 3D-frame for clock with wide carved decor. Wall type. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №4

3D-round frame for clock, decorated with carved patterns with fine details. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №5

3D-model of wooden frame for clock in a mechanical style. Dimentions: individual. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №6

3D-oval frame for wooden clock, decorated with additional carved composition. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №7

Symmetrical 3D-frame for clock, decorated with fine volumetric carvings. Material: wood of choice.


Clock №8

Volumetric, asymmetric 3D-frame for clock with images of soaring pigeons. Material: wood of choice.