These onlays serve as a final accord that emphasizes the uniqueness and originality of your otherwise standard furniture. We’re using best tree species for producing decorative onlays that have outstanding longevity and deliver unparalleled design experience. Even simple furniture pieces look noble and stylish once decorated with sophisticated carved onlays.
Onlays for arcs, probably, are most difficult to produce and design but with modern technology at our disposal our specialists will create wooden decorative onlays of any shape, size, and form. For better results we recommend choosing resin containing tree species like pine-tree or fir-tree. According to your individual order, we can create sectional onlays or one-piece models from a single slab.
If you’re planning to make your traditional plastic window look more elegant, more fitting into the interior, then you should pay attention to the more specific type of decorative onlays which were design just for those needs. Not only these onlays transform ordinary windows into magnificent portals leading into the outside world but also protect your home from a large chunk of airborne dirt, dust, and exhaust fumes as well.
Wall decorative onlays are quickly becoming a major trend today and actively used by many designers for enhancing interiors. Mounting several wooden onlays over and there not only improves the scenery but also allows you to hide various flaws. Onlays for doors mainly serve the same purpose just as furniture onlays mentioned above – they drastically improve the appearance of boring regular door models which could definitely use some style. And the best part here – in Kunjulyan workshop – that you are not limited with choices! Even if you did not find a model you would like to buy, then just place an individual order using the form below and we will do the rest!


Decorative onlay №1

Wooden 3D-model of decorative onlay, performed by using woodcarving techniques. Material: wood of choice.


Decorative onlay №2

Carved wooden 3D-model of onlay, decorated with volumetric patterns in form of the ornaments.