Wooden panels with the signs of zodiac decorated with detailed volumetric carving will become a sure bet when you cannot set your mind on one particular thing while choosing a gift for a person on any ceremonial occasion. All you need to know is his or hers birthday date to pick right zodiac sign. This panel made from natural wood will easily fit in any interior while also serving as a charm for the owner.
Originally carved panel with one of the twelve zodiac signs on it will help you to impress and make an unexpected surprise for the hero of the occasion. Furthermore, it will become a major – and more importantly – unique addition to the interior of the working cabinet or just any other living space at home or work. The shiny polished surface of the panel carefully cut by advanced machinery and finished by master’s hand looks almost alive intriguing your eye, agitating your mind.
Sign of the zodiac is more than just a symbol; it is a thing that can tell much more about the person than it is on the surface. Believe it or not but it holds the secrets of human nature, its mystery and uniqueness. That is why without any doubts we can guarantee that your friend or relative will surely appreciate your thoughtful present. That is your way to let him or her know that you remember even the smallest details.


Zodiac carved panel – ARIES

Wooden carved figure of goat with fish tail depicted sitting on a mountain against background of Saturn.


Zodiac carved panel – Taurus

Carved wooden image of Taurus depicted against background of nature. Finish: stain, patina, varnish.


Zodiac carved panel – Aquarius

Carved wooden image of Aquarius depicted against background of planets. Material: ash wood.


Zodiac carved panel – Pisces

Wooden panel with carved images of Pisces against background of sea. Material: ash wood. Shape: Round.


Zodiac Carved Panel – Scorpion

Unique Zodiac carved panel – Scorpion in rounded form, made from ash-tree. Finish: colorless lacquer, wax.


Zodiac Carved Panel – Sagittarius

Carved 3D-panel of sign of the Zodiac – Sagittarius. Form: round. Additional: inscriptions (optional).


Zodiac Carved Panel – Leo

Three-dimensional model of sign of the Zodiac – Leo. Diameter: 30 cm. (0.98 ft.). Thickness: 5.5 cm (0.18 ft.).


Zodiac Carved Panel – Cancer

Carved 3D-model of sign of the Zodiac – Cancer. Inscriptions: optional. Material: wood of your choice.


Zodiac Carved Panel – Capricorn

3D-carved model of sign of the Zodiac – Capricorn for CNC machine. Material: wood of your choice.


Zodiac Carved Panel – Virgo

Zodiac carved 3D-panel – Virgo for CNC machine. Form: round. Finish: wax, oil, varnish, patina or mordant.


Zodiac Carved Panel – Libra

3D-carved model of sign of the Zodiac – Libra. Material: wood of your choice. Additional: inscriptions (optional).


Zodiac Carved Panel – Gemini

Zodiac carved 3D-model – Gemini for CNC machine. Form: round. Finish: wax, oil, varnish, patina or mordant.