Original decoration is a «must have» feature for any modern bar, restaurant, café or hotel which makes your establishment notable and unforgettable. Stylish decorative elements build up the comfortable atmosphere of the place where one can always sit and relax with friends. It is important to leave even the slightest trace or an association with comfort in client’s mind because this helps to win people’s affection which makes them coming back and works as an indication that you’re doing right. In addition to that, it also helps with the passive promotion of your establishment through people talking.
With the modern technology and professional grade equipment, our masters bring the art of decoration to completely new heights with multiple design solutions for each individual occasion and scenario. We have practically everything to satisfy even the most demanding public: full natural wood interior, compact sophisticated accessories with light and mirror illusions, small and large decorated wine shelves and more.
Another popular trend in high caliber establishments in Europe and US revolves around installing extremely wide panoramic windows which do look fantastic on their own but with the small addition of exquisite wooden frames or decorative features they become even more magnificent. When it comes to decorating interior what can be more attractive and natural to human soul than wood? Probably, nothing. That is why public décor accessories are important, so don’t forget to include in your list some of the following: wooden menu covers and holders, clocks, mirrors, shelves and racks, table lamps or bras. Depending on the chosen style we can create any type or specific accessory just for you. Feel free to ask us about details or just fill the form below to make an individual order.


Wooden decorative trellis for heat exchanger

Decorative wooden trellis for heat exchanger made from fine solid natural wood. Material: wood of choice.


Decorative wooden stand for flowers

Decorative wooden stand for flowers and flowerpots made from fine wood. Material: glass, wood of choice.


Wooden decorative carved rose in glass case

Handmade wooden decorative rose in glass case made by using woodcarving tecnique. Material: lime-tree.


Handmade wooden wall hanging decoration

Handmade decorative wooden carved wall hanging decoration made from fine natural wood. Material: oak.


Handmade wooden wall decoration

Handmade decorative wooden carved wall hanging decoration made from fine natural wood. Material: oak.