Our history

Our exceptional and beautiful production made from finest natural wood is inspired by the uniqueness of the planet Earth itself and every little aspect of nature origins is carefully reproduced in each singular piece of our woodwork done by passionate masters which have dedicated their lives to holding up the almost long-forgotten woodworking traditions of the East believing in their pursuit.

Since XIX century, Kunjulyan family has a long history of handing down traditional woodworking techniques from generation to generation keeping them in secret for the inner circle of masters, which are proud to preserve and present original Armenian culture to the modern West today. They live and work in the Old World staying true to their passion, doing what they know best. Each custom made piece coming out of the workshop – is a true masterpiece, a testimony of unique vision shaped by years of experience.

Through decades, Kunjulyan dynasty has been staying true to its roots saving all distinguishing features of Armenian woodcarving practice and preserving unique cultural identity while also not being afraid of experimenting with modern methods and solutions capable of enhancing the sensation of dealing with the primal aspects of Nature and conveying the sense of unbreakable bond with the elements.

The art of decorated woodwork and processing has always been an honorable profession in Armenia throughout its history – from the rough old ages and up to date – that’s why Armenian masters are proclaimed to be «genuine architects of the East» known for building original wooden houses and elements (facades, interior details), furniture and various household items as well.

Over decades, Kunjulyan masters have been working on various projects – small and extensive ones – which complement exotic furniture ensemble in private collections. We offer full support and customer service taking into account all your requests and desires – we offer the attention you deserve. It is one of the core principles which help us bringing some truly astonishing pieces of handwork with the original eastern flavor to the limited market to satisfy even the most exquisite connoisseurs of wooden art.

Kunjulyan is a premium brand concentrating exclusively on delivering invigorating and mind-expanding experience through impressive unusual forms and shapes sculptured from fine wood – oak, ash-tree, maple, beech, or more exotic ones like Indian rosewood or Ziricote – augmented with a wide range of decorating materials like bronze, copper, gold leaf, glass, and etc. Our team of professional designers, tanners, and glass-blowers will help you to make your bravest dreams come true and materialize your own design concept just as you see it with careful attention to even the smallest details.