We dedicated our energy to spreading the cultural traditions of ethnic East craftsmen and wood masters well-known throughout the Europe in the West. We do believe that cultural interchange should not be limited between the Old and New World. Still predominantly unknown to western public eastern art never ceases to amaze and inspire those who had a chance to witness its genuine perfected beauty.


Kunjulyan brand production is the end result of family-inherited traditions passing between generations of Armenian finest woodcarvers since XIX century. The original technique did pass the trial of time and still stays practically unchanged since the great-grandfather of the well-respected master and owner of the brand in one – H.A Kunjulyan. Preserving cultural traditions and sharing the vision through the art immortalized in wood is his passion and main goal.


The team behind the resonant brand name is more than just a dynasty of dedicated craftsmen; it is a big family of passionate people – blacksmiths, tanners, designers – who do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do.


Wood is our passion, we pay much deliberate attention to the materials required to achieve the best results in any given scenario, for every project. When the master’s hands touch prepared and processed lumber that’s when the magic begins, transforming unshaped lumber into enigmatic original forms of art. Depending on the complexity of the project and the number of decorating elements it might take days to finish an individual part, yet we are against compromises when it comes to delivering the best products to our clients.