Exclusive Mirror

We strongly disagree with whoever said that mirrors should be simple and unpretentious not to draw any attention from the surrounding interior.


$999.99 $876.20



Original design for this exclusive piece was created specifically by italian masters specializing on the Renaissance period. Every single leaf framing the glass is carved with mathematical precision in order to convey the sense of overall integrity and completeness.


Height: 120 cm. (3.94 ft.)
Width: 80 cm. (2.62 ft.)
Thickness: 4.5 cm (0.15 ft)
Finish: patina
Wood: ash-tree


Unique detailed carving of the framework for this exclusive piece takes more than 60 hours to finish. Every material is carefully selected, prepared, and examined by the exact master who curates the project from the beginning. Any custom improvements and substitution can be made in accordance with client's desires including other, more exotic, wood of choice.

Nurturing the idea to bring some noticeable notes of luxury and gorgeousness into your house? Then just try to beautify it with a large mirror of exquisite work set in a frame from fine wood. Mystical union of carved wood and still glass surface has always been popular ever since long-forgotten past. And its actuality has not lost a jot. Carved framework around ever calm and still glass conveys the feeling of a good taste and style. Special processing and finishing on this piece makes sure that it can be used in any indoor environment with its outstanding wear resistance and longevity. No matter where it is going to be set, we can guarantee that it will change the atmosphere infusing the interior with warmth and special kind of comfort.


For creating exclusive pieces like this one our masters rely only on their personal experience, natural materials, and modern equipment. Staying true to the old traditions of the East, all small ornaments and elements are done individually because it is the only way to imbue a wooden piece with unique elegance making it truly one of a kind.


In our workshop customers are never limited in options and designs. This means that you can actually give us a finished project to work with or use one of the carefully selected designs created by professionals. A framework for the exclusive can be modified to suit your interior the best, which is crucial for complementing the style.