The Magic Hidden in Wood

Everyone who owns a county-side house, cottage or villa with a private plot of land never stops thinking about making their private sanctuary even better, more comfortable, and notable. This applies not only to exterior ensembles but also to interior details that also have a great impact on creating a special and unique atmosphere at home. You may wonder what the best solution to cover all those needs of a client with the most refined taste is. Well, your solution lies with us at Kunjulyan. We believe that original products made or carved from wood and other natural materials are truly the best and probably the must infallible option available out there. They can literally transform your garden or house and its backyard creating a breathtaking scenery with exclusive pieces and construction that will leave all guests impressed and the owner proud.
Since the days of old, accessories and furniture made from natural wood has always been in high demand due to their aesthetic and functional properties. Going back in time to Ancient Greece or taking a look at Egyptian masters of the Christian era, we will see incredible masterpieces crafted with passion and ingenuity in Pharaoh's carved thrones, personal jewelry boxes, exquisite pergolas and arbors for outdoor and much more. But let us not forget skillful artisans of Eastern Europe and Caucasia that have contributed so much in developing woodcraft techniques, pushing the art of carving forward with the stoic vigor and belief, passing their original methods and secrets between generations.
It is completely understandable why you cannot possibly find a county-side house or private mansion without garden furniture, elegant fences, terraces, or other wooden elements – we long for nature, even though we’re surrounded by hi-tech gadgets we cannot afford to lose our connection with the natural world, and this is where natural wooden interiors and exteriors gently remind us of who we are. Nowadays most people tend to switch from concrete and glass designs to original wooden construction and interiors that feel so comforting infusing their body and souls with the unexplained sensation of peace and tranquility. When it comes to choosing the most flexible yet durable material for decorating the interior or landscape, we can assure you that nothing – and we mean «nothing» – really beats natural wood.

Kunjulyan: for your mind, body, and soul

In Kunjulyan workshop, we don’t waste time producing simple copies of the exact same product to flood the market. We seek to find an individual approach to each and every client, we listen to them and we give recommendations and carry out all orders professionally no matter the complexity or the size of the project. Even having many individual orders Kunjulyan workshop does not rely on others to produce unique and original production – we have our own team of designers, carvers, and cutters which allow us to deal with all jobs in time minimizing your wait.
To achieve perfect results we use all tools available including most advanced CNC machines which allow us to create detailed carving with the strict accordance to original 3D-models no matter how small those decorative elements might be. We present our clients with the unique opportunity to take an active part in designing original wooden constructions or accessories that will leave no one indifferent. It can be either a completely new project from the scratch or a product based on the already existing sketch or photograph. Our specialists are always here to help you, willing to answer all questions regarding our production and manufacturing process.
In Kunjulyan workshop, clients are not limited in any way when choosing original wooden production and accessories for their homes. Our masters are qualified and more than capable of realizing special individual orders of any size, from any type of wood, with all kinds of detailed volumetric carving. The catalog of wood species available to order products from in Kunjulyan workshop is incredibly vast and includes various options for you to choose from – it can be something traditional like oak, beech, or pine-tree, just as it can be something more exotic, for example, mahogany or Sequoia.
For those who are still unsure of the preferred design style and supporting decorative elements, we recommend checking our gallery first – there is a higher chance that you will find your inspiration there as we have filled it with the most exquisite showpieces. Also, don’t forget to check correspondent and related categories on our website or ask our support team for help – we’re always glad to hear you!