Every wooden slab we receive is carefully examined by our craftsmen. We trust their judgment and their long-standing expertise which guarantees the high quality of the production, which means that we work only with perfect raw materials that can be transformed into masterpieces.


Before Kunjulyan masters even get to start working on the project with the wood directly, it has to go a long way from sorting, simple first stage processing, structure-preserving saturation, and second stage processing with mandatory periods of resting to dissipate the tension in lumber.


Before the final assembly of complementing pieces, all of them are getting final polishing atop of previous layers of prime and final coating required to build a timeless piece of art. Even though all wooden components are carefully protected and treated gently, our experts do an additional examination of every element to avoid chips and flaws.

Since wood is our passion, we pay much deliberate attention to the materials required to achieve the best results in any given scenario, for every project ordered.

Decades of experience has taught us that work on each individual piece starts long before it is even visualized on paper. Before it all begins there is a concept agitating one’s mind – yours or ours – and it all always starts from a mere thought.

The thought begins to shape and transform into the vision assisted by our masters. Once the idea is formed – we fully take on the process of bringing it into reality. We have the most exclusive fine wood to choose from and some more popular common options to satisfy your requirements in any department.

We have a perfect understanding how to handle all types of wood at our disposal; we always put quality and patience above all and allow the lumber to dry and rest as long as it requires, so the final result would deserve the name Kunjulyan.

When the master’s hands touch prepared and processed lumber, that’s when the magic begins. Unshaped lumber disappears and enigmatic original forms of art start to emerge. Depending on the complexity of the project and the number of decorating elements it might take days to finish an individual part, yet we are against compromises when it comes to delivering the best products to our clients.

Kunjulyan store works directly with trusted suppliers and wood harvesters on five continents, experts in the field, which also cultivate the principles of nature sustainability and helping the environment. This way, we are not only constructing wooden masterpieces with cultural ethnic flavor but also creating green and safe production you can feel good about.