Terms of Use

We’re glad to welcome you to Kunjulyan.com – home website of the traditional Armenian woodcraft artisans. We’ve created this website specifically for you bearing in mind that we cannot fail in pursuing our main mission – creating exquisite original furniture, decorative interior and exterior pieces, and accessories from natural wood while spreading the word about cultural traditions of our homeland and nation.
On this website you can always:

  • Check the latest additions to our catalog of finished products, buy each and every one of them, or place an individual order for specific one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Get expert advice from our support team.
  • Ask our managers about all the details concerning your order in written or verbal form.
  • In return, you’re obliged to comply with the mandatory terms of use of our website.

Terms of use listed on this page regulate obligations between two sides which are website owners and website visitors.
All website visitors are automatically accepting all rules and terms provided by the website administration. In case you find yourself in a position where you cannot accept the following rules, please, then just refrain from browsing this website.
All copyrights belong to the website owners which have exclusive ownership and legal rights to use site’s contents at their will. This applies to all text information and visual content presented on all pages of Kunjulyan.com. Any copyright infringement is considered as a copyright law violation with the appropriate consequences.
We would also like to remind you that colors and miniature details on the pictures in site’s gallery or product pages might be slightly distorted and look a bit different from product originals due to visual settings on visitor devices. In these situations, website owners are not responsible for the visual difference in the provided visual content.
In addition to that, website owners do not take any responsibility for website visitors that use – legally or illegally as well – info content from Kunjulyan.com for their own needs without consulting with specialists.
By the following terms of use, website visitors are prohibited from:

  • Distribution, modification, copying, and reproduction of site materials without a validated permission from the owners of the site.
  • Posting any advertising information, false statements, reputation damaging disinformation, or insults in comment sections or anywhere else.
  • Spamming, spyware distribution, posting phishing links, viruses, and other codes that might cause harm or website malfunction.

For violation of these conditions any visitor or registered user can be banned by the site administration which will result in blocking access to Kunjulyan.com. Furthermore, administrators also reserve the right to contact violator’s Internet provider in order to request IP-blocking or apply for violation of the rules to appropriate authorities.
By browsing product and info pages on Kunjulyan.com you’re automatically confirming that you’ve read the terms of use concerning non-commercial site usage and commit to following the rules. We would also point out that the terms of use posted on this page can be changed without prior notice. In the case of substantial modifications to the terms of use made by site administration a newer version will be posted on this page.
We hope you will enjoy browsing on our website!