We care about our reputation and our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why we’re giving full guarantees that you will receive the goods you have ordered in pristine condition without any defects.

Before assembling the piece (in cases with massive complex products) every part is checked by our supporting team for possible flaws and external damage. After the assembling is complete everything is double-checked again to make sure that you will be receiving exactly the same piece you ordered. The complex but worked-out procedure does not take much time, thus the delivery period is not affected unless some defects were discovered during the examination process.

Our workshop is working closely with well-known and trusted courier services that deliver our production worldwide. On our side we can guarantee full quality control and precautionary measures for transportation no matter what delivery option is chosen by the client. We will make sure that the product will get to you as good as new without manufacturing flaws or damage caused during transportation.

In rare but still possible cases – under circumstances that fall out of our control – when a customer receives his order with mechanical defects or broken parts we are taking full responsibility and guaranteeing to exchange the goods. For additional information about warranty terms and conditions, please, contact our customer support team.